June 29, 2017

Lauren Card

Lauren Card Design

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“Every company and every individual has a brand. Great business and personal brands are no longer important…they’re essential.” Lauren Card

Lauren Card Design (LCD) is a 14 year old, full-service design agency providing businesses and individuals with innovative in-depth solutions to their branding and marketing needs.  Founder and CEO, Lauren Card, is passionate about delivering branding in elegantly creative visuals that help clients communicate their benefits in ways that drive brand equity and revenue.  The company prides itself on its branding ideation process that enables her clients to discover and build strong brands that are highly differentiated in their respective market categories.

With astute guidance, LCD’s clients learn the importance of focusing exclusively on the emotional and functional needs and preferences of their target market.  Only then does it make sense to select the color, images and typography that tell the brand story.

What sets LCD apart from other graphic design firms is its deep understanding that while each individual deliverable must be great in its own right, it must support the larger brand equity and overall business strategy. Using the power of design, LCD creates distinct visual solutions that convey credibility, differentiate your brand and build trust with your audience.

Clients in Higher Education, Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, Cause-Related endeavors, Personal Development, Real Estate, Sports, Leisure and Technology all find value in working with LCD. In fact, more than 90% of LCD business is by referral, exemplifying LCD’s high level of client satisfaction and market performance.  While LCD works across many industries, it is especially interested in working with organizations that are dedicated to positive change and helping others.  Design examples are available at request.   LCD’s full portfolio is at:


Connell+ Associates

75 South Highwood Avenue

Glen Rock, NJ 07452-1508

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Connell + Associates is a boutique Brand Strategy & Insights Consulting Firm focused on driving actionable outcomes for our clients.  Our company was founded in 2000 on three core beliefs:

  • You can’t separate the brand from the business
  • Success starts inside the consumer’s head
  • Research must be actionable and tightly linked to the brand and business agenda

These beliefs drive everything we do, including:

  • Who We Hire – world-class marketers who know how to connect insights to actionable brand and business outcomes. Many of our consultants are classically trained brand marketers who have had P&L responsibility at companies like:  Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, General-Electric and Pepsi.  In addition, our group includes market researchers with extensive experience applying both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies globally for both marketing and innovation applications.
  • How We Deliver Value – not about off the shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions – we zero in on the business issue and craft an approach that makes sense for the client’s unique situation.
  • Where We Focus – we believe our value comes in crafting an approach that’s business actionable and ensuring the insights drive to that end. We work with our clients to intimately connect customer and consumer research design with their broader business objectives and brand marketing agenda.

C+A serves both B2C and B2B clients across industries.  We have worked extensively in:  Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Dental, Financial Services, and Retail.  We also service major clients in the higher education market.  For more details on our Company, Clients, Consultants or Services, please visit our website:


CEOSpaceWe recommend our clients create a strong community around them to support what they are trying to do. The free-enterprise forum of CEOSpace is one of our favorites, for its cooperative philosophy, Super Teaching platform, and the dynamic members and faculty.

Valerie is a proud member of CEOSpace Class 710 and is there connecting, creating and collaborating. For more information on the benefits of CEOSpace membership…


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