June 29, 2017

Meet Sherpa of Happiness, Valerie R. Sheppard

Valerie is a recovering corporate executive on “radical sabbatical.” She provides strategic, tactical and personal leadership consulting to C-Suite executives via boutique leadership consultancy, Source Power™. As the Sherpa of Happiness Valerie helps people create more peace, love, joy and freedom in their lives.

She is certified Professionally-Qualified to teach at the collegiate level by the AACSB, and has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses at The University of California Irvine Merage School of Business, and she continues to guest lecture there on marketing and leadership. Valerie is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and a professional improv comedienne.

She is a best-selling co-author with Greg S. Reid of “Everything is Subject to Change,” a business allegory featuring her coaching insights, and is completing her own transformation self-help book entitled “The Happy to Be ME! Handbook, due to release in April 2012. She holds an honors MBA from the Whitman School at Syracuse University. She has been praised for her coaching engagement and impact by mentees and peers.


Here are the topics we feature through our Workplace Happiness Initiative.

If these don’t tickle your fancy, we are happy to collaborate to tailor-make a program that meets the specific culture-shift needs of your organization. Please be don’t hesitate to ask!

“The Happiness Imperative”

Many people are chasing success in order to find happiness. Yet, over a decade worth of research is proving that in fact, happiness breeds success. The performance of positive employees is higher than their negative counterparts in terms of productivity, sales, energy levels, turnover rates and health care costs.

According to Shawn Anchor, Harvard researcher and author of “The Happiness Advantage,” optimistic sales people outperform their pessimistic counterparts by up to 37%.

So we actually need to find ways to be happy while we’re working to drive our businesses to top performance in their respective categories.

Creating a happiness culture has become an important way to create market success and differentiation.

But authentic happiness goes beyond onsite daycare, free meals or any other externally motivated form of happiness. The more lasting business advantage comes from intrinsic happiness.

Valerie’s signature “Happy to Be ME!©” 4-steps can help anyone who applies it get and stay happy no matter what’s going on around them! In this interactive and experiential session, your staff will:

  • Explore the rules of the happiness game and which one relationship is the real key to winning it.
  • Discover how to clean house so emotional Junk-in-the-Trunk isn’t getting in the way.
  • Create a new model for being happy.
  • Adopt practical ways to overcome outer circumstances and keep their joy flowing abundantly.

Increase happiness within your organization to improve results!


“Success is a Laughing Matter!”

Many companies are investing in corporate wellness programs featuring health fairs with education and clinical testing, and/or internal fitness centers to help improve the health and well-being of their workforces.

However, one wellness modality that is currently under-utilized in the workplace is laughter.

Humor and laughter have been studied for decades for their healing abilities. Norman Cousins’ book, “Anatomy of an Illness” spurred considerable interest in the topic as early as the 1960’s and was a catalyst to a movement that has explored multiple aspects of the cause-effect relationship.

Today, there are multiple studies indicating the power of laughter to reduce stress, boost immunity, enhance mood, and improve communication, creativity and collaboration.

In this experiential presentation, Valerie shares the value of laughter as a healing modality and helps your leadership team create ways to integrate a formal laughter plan into the organization’s Health and Wellness tactics. Key issues covered include:

  • Organizational issues that signal a need
  • History, Physiology and Psychology of Therapeutic Laughter
  • Business Benefits of the Latest Laughter Modality
  • Role of Leaders in the Laughter Culture Shift

Valerie is a Laughter Yoga Leader, certified to teach therapeutic laughter in professional settings to help relieve stress, boost creativity, enhance communication and improve results.

Embrace these principles to make your teams more collaborative and solutions happen faster!


“Boost Happiness Using Leadership Lessons from Improv Comedy”

Every C-Suite executive should be invested in how leaders “show up” in their organization.

Improvisational comedy offers six powerful principles that can improve any leader’s abilities in communication, creativity, motivation and empowerment needed to create high-performance work teams.

The best improv comedians adhere to these key ‘principles of engagement’ in order to create funny, engaging scenes that make the audience wonder how it was created on the spot.

This experiential workshop will show leaders how they can be integrated into life and business interactions to enhance communication, collaboration, innovation, and motivation.

Key issues covered include:

  • How Improvisational Comedy Is Similar to Business Interactions
  • The Six Key Principles of Successful Improv Comedy Performance
  • Business Impacts of Integrating Improv Principles into Leadership Behaviors
  • Application of the Principles in Interactions

Help your leaders enhance their individual leadership presence and impact!

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