June 29, 2017

What sets us apart?

We see success as an inside-out endeavor, and it’s rooted in two parallel aspects.  First, we emphasize the importance of the Integrated Leader and how leadership impacts the business at all levels.  We’re not talking “woo woo” or simply a “kinder/gentler” personality of a leader.  We’re talking about vision, strength and decisiveness born from a leader who is using the power of the intellect in concert with the wisdom of the heart. Without this kind of integration, leaders risk having difficulty making optimum choices, are unlikely to create a dynamic connection to their teams, strategic partners, and Boards, and may struggle to achieve ultimate personal and business success.

Second, we see branding and marketing as science-based business disciplines. We value and leverage data as a key guide to decision-making.  We help our clients root brand imagery, iconography and strategic plans in deep and broad understanding of the competitive frame and primary consumer/customer needs.  We ensure executional plans are tied to measures to carefully monitor results.

Our signature executive packages provide executive or team leadership coaching combined with the marketing, branding, and business strategy that winning executives desire.