June 29, 2017


Executive Leadership Coaching

Your Source Power Executive Leadership CoachingOne-on-One and group interaction to help business executives and managers deliver high-performance leadership that drives businesses to exceptional P&L results. We will uncover blind spots, strengthen communication skills, optimize your risk quotient, drive decisiveness, and enhance organizational leadership dexterity.


Business Strategy, Marketing and Branding Consulting

Business Strategy Marketing and Branding ConsultingBusiness and marketing strategic platforming to create winning businesses and high-equity brands. We will devise your:  branding strategy, design and creation;


overall business strategy review and optimization; marketing strategy design, execution, analysis; market research design and implementation.

Example Packages:

Control Your Critical Position                  $997

Broad strokes assessment of strategic platform, brand architecture, and in market execution to provide clarity on the strength or vulnerability of your brand’s market position, your brand’s right to win, and how/if your flank is exposed.

  • Review current branding (imagery and iconography)
  • SWOT analysis and competitive assessment
  • Written summary with face to face presentation of findings and indicated actions
  • Put together a revised marketing/branding recommendation

Strategic Breakthrough                             $ Based on Project

Customized set of deliverables to enable monumental shift forward for your brand and/or team.

  • Summit© Session
  • Project team creation
  • Project management
  • Brand architecture
  • Insights development
  • Leadership and culture assessment
  • Executive one-on-one coaching
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Promotional events, planning, and production

Harmonious Coordination       $ Monthly Retainer Starting at $3,000 per month

Source Power acts as your senior level marketing team, working in tandem with all your strategic and executional partners to bring your brand and team visions to life.