June 29, 2017

Happy-Up Your Workplace!

A decade worth of research, some by Harvard University, is proving that happiness breeds success! Yes, happiness preceeds success rather than following it. How does that translate to the workplace? Happy employees lead to higher productivity, lower absenteeism, higher retention, highly effective customer service (consider Zappos) and consequently, a more profitable and successful business.

Every business leader, shareholder and Board member has a vested interest in creating a happiness culture. Thankfully for the U.S. economy, the idea is catching on. Forbes Magazine, CareerBliss, and others have been measuring and tracking the country’s most happy companies. Importantly, boosting and maintaining a happiness levels don’t have to be labor or financially intensive. With our background in organizational structure and interpersonal dynamics, we thought it perfect to create ways to help!

Introducing our Workplace Happiness Initiative!

We can help your organization create a happiness culture and improve results!

A little about Valerie:

Sherpa of Happiness Valerie René Sheppard guides people to create success and fulfillment through experiencing authentic happiness.  She describes herself as a “recovering corporate executive on radical sabbatical,” with a diverse coaching background and expertise in helping business leaders create high-performance teams and drive increased revenues and profit.  She has been praised for her coaching ability and results throughout her career.  She speaks to numerous audiences, including corporations, spiritual groups, and major universities. 

 Valerie is a 2012 nominee for the Orange County Business Journal’s Women in Business Award, and a national best-selling author with Greg S. Reid of “Everything is Subject to Change.” She has been published in award-winning 11:11™ Magazine, and is a contributor to Ezine, Divine Caroline™, Light Vision Post™, and The Natural You™.  Her latest book, “The Happy to Be ME! Handbook” is due out in Fall of 2012.   For more information, contact us at valerie@YourSourcePower.com   

Here are some ways we’d love to serve you:

Book a Keynote Address and/or workshop!

Valerie is an accomplished speaker/presenter who has been entertaining and educating audiences for more than 3 decades. She’s experienced in non-profit, consulting, and corporate business environments at multiple levels. Valerie has studied adult learning principles, is certified by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business to teach at the University level, and has taught in both collegiate and corporate universities. She has shared wisdom on personal leadership, living a vibrant life, leading high-performance teams, marketing and business strategy leadership, spiritual aspects of leadership, and more.

Her keynote addresses and workshops on happiness help audiences tune into their intrinsic source of joy so they can get and stay happy no matter what is going on around them. Her unique and impactful topics include “Happy to Be ME!,” “Leadership Lessons from Improv Comedy,” and “Success is a Laughing Matter.” Valerie ensures each event is experiential so learning is anchored. Follow-up enables integration and implementation. Read more about topics and book Valerie HERE.

Create a Consulting Engagement

When a keynote and/or workshop are not enough to create the depth and momentum in the shift your organization needs, an add-on consulting package can make the difference. We create 100% customized engagements that pinpoint the needs of your organization, include specific combinations of happiness-enhancing tools, and provide ongoing support for implementation and measuring results. Valerie’s background in executive-level consulting engagements, her many years in organizational leadership roles, and her astute intuitive ability help her identify issues and create action plans quickly.  Our collaborative partners bring a broad and deep skillset to every engagement. Contact us to discuss your options HERE.

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For a quick introduction to easy ways to boost happiness levels in your work environment, you can use this list of free tips.  

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